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The Sioux Valley Optimist Club of Sioux Falls, SD welcomes you to join us as we spread optimism and have a positive impact on our community through empowering the next generation and building good character for the leaders of tomorrow!

Who we are:

The Sioux Valley Optimist Club is a long standing service club operating in Sioux Falls, SD that focuses on supporting youth in the community. We are 100% volunteer based with multiple monthly volunteer engagements and opportunities. Through various fundraising efforts throughout the year, we are able to provide program and special project financial support in the form of grants to local non-profits and children's charities as well as host several scholarship contests throughout the school year. Additionally, as a member of Optimist International, the club has access to opportunities to reach more children through charitable, literary and educational activities with the Optimist International Foundation.

Club Activities & Benefits

Bringing out the best in kids, our members, and ourselves.

Volunteering & Community Involvement

The club has 2 - 3 scheduled volunteer engagements as a group per month. Additionally, many of our members volunteer for supported programs independently depending on their passions and project availability. Activities can be short events with a group lasting 1 hour or less,
to a 4 - 8 hour shift.


Fundraising & Financial Support for Scholarships, Grants, & Projects

The club currently holds 2 main fundraisers each year, Golf Tournament and Superbowl Pool Books Sales. These provide all operational, project, scholarship, and grant funding.  Funds collected from sponsors and participants for fundraising activities stay at our local club!


Personal - Professional Development & Networking

Our membership is a group that are truly invested in the development and support each other as people.  Many of our members are working professionals. We provide an avenue to network, brainstorm, and build skills. In addition, leadership programs from Optimist International are also available for members.

Recent Activities

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SVOC Volunteers wrapped Christmas presents to support local youth programs during the holiday season.

The 2024 starts off by welcoming a batch of new members

Student Success Fund receives $2,500 Grant

New members 1.4.24.jpg

December 2023

Members had volunteered their time at several events with CHS and CHSFFS to help wrap Christmas presents and spread holiday cheer!

January 4, 2024

Welcome to our newest members: Cindi Johnson, Danelle Rentschler, Mary Kay Stevens, Tammy Roberts, & Tom Roberts

November 16, 2023

Sioux Falls Public School's Eductation Foundation's program the "Student Success Fund" was awarded $2500 to kick off the new Optimist Year!

Volunteers Lifting Construction Frame

Interested in joining the club?

The Sioux Valley Optimist Club offers an opportunity for all members to volunteer in our community and support ongoing youth programs every month.  Membership is simply a commitment to further the Optimist mission of providing hope and positive vision to the best in youth, our communities and ourselves. Regular Membership rates start at $100 per year, with discounted member rates for students and recent college graduates. Fill out the below interest form and a club representative will be contacting you within the next week to discuss further!

Thanks for submitting!

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